About Us

Super Food Ceremony is a holistic store for spirit, soul and body. If you are looking for products that will raise your biovibrations and bring peace and harmony to your life, you’ve come to the right place! We like to call our concept store a self-care corner. Self-care is a crucial part of looking after yourself, as well as others. When you practice self-care you produce positive feelings, which boosts motivation and self-esteem leaving you with increased energy to support yourself as well as your loved ones. Self-care starts with tending to your own needs and Our products can become your tool to look deeper into your inner self.

We work directly with local farms in Ecuador, Sierra Leone, Colombia and more whose sustainable approach to cultivation and sourcing of raw materials is conducive to preserving biodiversity as well as preserving natural resources.

We offer highest quality ceremonial food products from all over the world but also holistic accessories for your home space. 100% ORGANIC & certified!

“Keep your body strong, mind sharp, soul nourished, and spirit positive.” 

Super Food Ceremony